Men’s League 2024




The season is upon us, and we’re excited for the 2024 golf season here at Harborside International Golf Center. We hope everyone had a great winter and ready for another exciting 2024 golf season. The season will run for 11 weeks from May 23rd through August 8th. The league will not play Thursday, July 4th. The deadline for sign-up will be Friday, April 26th.

Playoffs will begin August 15th through August 29th. Note the schedule could change throughout the season depending on weather or course closures due to course buyouts.

The Harborside Men’s League is held Thursday evenings, with a 5:30PM shotgun start. Each individual player will be responsible for paying the full $205 initiation fee, as well as a $55 weekly green fee.

Players must be 21 or older to play, and each team must consist of two players.


Based on total number of teams. For each team, the two individual’s handicaps will be combined to make a team handicap. Port Flight will consist of the first 12 lowest team handicaps: Starboard Flight will consist of the remaining 12 teams. If we do not get to 18 total teams it will be only one flight for the season and the schedule could change to make sure everyone plays each team once before the playoffs begins.


Each individual player will be responsible for paying the full $215 initiation fee. All players pay a weekly green fee.


All players must have a valid USGA Handicap. Valid USGA Handicap from other courses will be accepted. USGA Handicap enrollment can be acquired for a fee of $40 through


Shotgun start each week at 5:30PM. All matches will be 9 holes. Players aged 60 or higher may play from the White Tees, all others will play from the Blue Tees. Play will rotate between the Port and Starboard courses as well as front and back nine. All teams will compete weekly in a round robin league format. USGA rules shall govern play. Note: A local Rule Sheet will be provided. Following the regular season, a three-week single elimination playoff will determine the League Champion.


In all matches each player receives 80% of his course handicap. The course handicap of all four players is reduced by the course handicap of the player with the lowest handicap, who then plays from scratch. Teams will compete in a best ball format. All players will play their own ball throughout the 9 holes, and the team will be determined by the lowest score of the two team members. Each hole is worth 1 point or ½ point for a tie. Each match is worth a total of 9 points. In the case a team does not show up for their match the team they are playing against will play against Par that night instead of receiving a full 9 points.

Regular Season

Based on total number of teams. At least 11 weeks of play and 1 bye week July 6th. Each team plays every other team in their flight once. Following the regular season an awards banquet will be hosted with food and beverages provided.


League champion will be determined by a 3-week single elimination playoff. A consolation match will determine 3rd and 4th place. One-Third (1/3) of the field will qualify for the playoffs. Teams will be seeded from the highest point total to lowest. The number 1 seed will be the team with the most points.

Note: Subs will not be permitted during the Playoffs.


One-third (1/3) of the field will be awarded merchandise gift cards for regular season play. Half (1/2) of the playoff field will be awarded merchandise gift cards. During the regular season, merchandise gift cards will be awarded to members of the weekly winning teams. In the event of a tie will be awarded to each player.


Harborside golf staff will not be responsible for finding substitutes. All substitutes will be required to pay the weekly green fee. Substitutes must have a valid USGA Handicap.