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George Wrede

  • Personal Performance Package

    10 HOUR PACKAGE - $1,250
    20 HOUR PACKAGE - $1,999


    Click Here to purchase a lesson package with George

    Contact George Wrede at 773.562.6502 or wredegolf@gmail.com for dates and times!!

    George Wrede, Director of Instruction
    11001 S. Doty Ave East
    Chicago, IL 60628
    Tel: 773.562.6502
    Fax: 773.291.2148
    Email: wredegolf@gmail.com
  • Short Game Clinic

    Each 3 hour clinic will cover putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play. Improve your short game and lower your scores. Clinic sessions are $175/student, and are limited to 6 students per session. Sign up today!!

    Things you’ll learn:

    How to properly set up for each shot, putting you in position for success
    How to control the distance and the trajectory you hit your shots
    The factors that help you play the proper shot for each situation

    Short Game Clinic Schedule

    2017 Dates Coming Soon.

    Click Here to purchase a lesson package with George

    Contact George Wrede at 773.562.6502 or wredegolf@gmail.com to reserve your short game clinic spot.

  • Wedge Fitting

    Do your wedges provide you with the best opportunity to score?

    Do your wedges have the proper lofts and bounce?


    A consistent gapping throughout your set gives you the ability to control both the distance and trajectory for all types of pitch and bunker shots. Wedge lofts typically begin at 48 degrees and progress as high as 64 degrees.


    By definition bounce is "resistance to digging” the proper bounce angle allows your club to properly interact with the turf, assuring solid contact. Bounce angles start as low as 4 degrees and progress as high as 22 degrees.

    Each wedge fitting includes:

    • We don’t fit to a fault, so we’ll make sure your set up and motion are correct
    • Evaluate your wedge gaping
    • Determine the bounce angle ideal for your swing

    Please contact George Wrede, PGA, Director of Instruction, Certified Edel Wedge Fitter at (773) 562-6502 or wredegolf@gmail.com for additional information or to schedule a session.

  • Aim Point

    As seen on the Golf Channel


    AimPoint Logo

    Whether your a professional golfer,caddie,or amateur golfer, AimPoint Green Reading will transform your game by teaching you the one aspect of putting which is never taught--exactly where you aim.

    The AimPoint Express Class is designed to show you how to make a reliable read with minimum training and practice. Its the perfect balance of simplicity and accuracy by giving a dependable read using only one factor.
    You will learn to trust your feet more than your eyes, and how to use your fingers to aim your putter exactly at the right target, so you will make more putts.

    The Class covers short, mid, and long range single breaking putts, and multiple breaking putts.

    Beginning with our June Clinics we will be including a Speed Control segment. Half the Clinic will be devoted to Aim and half the Clinic will be devoted to Speed Control. This will be an opportunity for those who have taken the Clinic in the past to review your aim technique as well as adding Speed Control to your putting game.

    All classes 1-3pm

    2017 AimPoint Express Class Schedule
    Friday, May 5 (1-3pm) (Express 1,2)
    Friday, May 12 (1-3pm) (Express 1,2)
    Friday, May 19 (1-3pm) (Express 1,2)
    Friday, May 26 (1-3pm) (Express 1,2)
    Saturday, June 3 (1-3pm) (Express / Speed)
    Saturday, June 10 (1-3pm) (Express / Speed)
    Saturday, June 17 (1-3pm) (Express / Speed)
    Saturday, June 24 (1-3pm) (Express / Speed)
    Sunday, July 2(1-3pm) (Express / Speed)
    Sunday, July 9 (1-3pm) (Express / Speed)
    Sunday, July 16 (1-3pm) (Express / Speed)
    Sunday, July 23 (1-3pm) (Express / Speed)
    Sunday, July 30 (1-3pm) (Express / Speed)

    To register today, please call George at 773-562-6502 or email wredegolf@gmail.com

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