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Year Long Match Play

Year Long Individual Match Play
Harborside International Golf Club
Starting May 2017

 Format and Rules:

· Entry Fee $50 per player

· The field will be divided into groups. Each group will play round-robin matches within their group. The two players with the best record in each group will advance to the single elimination match play. The groups will be determined by handicap. The players with the lowest handicap will be the top player in each group. The remaining players in each group will be picked based on handicap.

Round Robin Group Play: Players play 18 hole matches against each of the other players in the group. Points are awarded as follows: Winner 1 point, Loser 0 point, Halved each player 1/2 point. 

 Reduced green fees will be $49 Monday – Thursday and $35 any time after 3PM
· All matches will be handicapped (100%) and scorecards will be dotted off of the low player. 

· Every player must have a current USGA handicap.
· USGA rules shall govern play.

You can schedule matches with your opponent anytime. 

· Players 59 & under will play the Blue Tees for all matches.

· Players 60 & Over will play the White Tees for all matches


For more information please contact Head Golf Professional Lane Stephens at Lstephens@kempersports.com

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