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Performance Golf School

Full day and Half day schools offer students the opportunity to drastically learn and improve every aspect of their game. From novice to advanced skilled levels, all players can enjoy every service that William Smith Golf offers into 1 day of world class instruction.

Performance School includes:

  • Private one on one or small group instruction, maximum 4:1 student to coach ratio
  • Comprehensive Trackman radar analysis report
  • Trackman Combine Test
  • Personalized V1 lesson locker
  • V1 video with voice-over recap of before and after sent directly to your personalized V1 locker (viewable on tablet, smart phone or email)
  • Equipment assessment
  • All aspects will be covered including driving, full swing, chipping, pitching, putting, sand, and course strategy
  • 9 hole playing lesson (For full day participants)
  • Lunch at The Pier At Harborside Restaurant

Dates will be customized to fit your schedule!

Full Day Performance Golf School  
1 Student $1,500
2 Students $800/player
3-4 Students $575/player
Half Day Performance School (4 hours)  
1 Student $700.00
2 Students $375.00/player
3-4 Students $325.00/player

Golf Clinics

Full Swing Clinic with Video Analysis

Improve your fundamentals and technique while gaining a clearer understanding of your swing utilizing state of the art video technology. Students will receive a personalized video (sent via email) of the technique learned during their sessions.

Short Game Clinic

The fastest and easiest way to reduce scores quickly is by sharpening your skills on and around the greens. These two hour clinics will cover all facets of the short game including equipment evaluation, correct club selection, and correct shot selection for different situations.

With topics rotating weekly these clinics are a great introduction to beginner golfers and the infrequent player looking to improve.

New Student Evaluation

The New Student Evaluation is designed to learn about you,  your game, and desired goals. To accomplish that, WS Golf, will conduct a thorough review of all aspects of your game.

Along with addressing immediate attention to your problem areas, WS Golf, will recommend a course of action that aligns with your goals, time, and resources.

Evaluation will include, but not limited to the following:

  • 90 minute one-on-one evaluation
  • Hi-speed video analysis with V1 video
  • Trackman launch monitor technology
  • Review of your golf equipment
  • Personalized video review with voiceover
  • Trackman data report
Cost $195

Trackman Pro Analysis

Trackman Pro is the industry's most accurate technology in measuring the golf swing and the flight of the ball from impact to landing while displaying it 3D trajectory in real time. With shots ranging from short pitches to 400 yard drives, Trackman Pro pinpoints the landing position within 1 foot for every 100 yards of travel. All clubface, swing and ball flight data, club speed to hang time, is measured and delivered in easy to understand scale-able data.

Trackman Combine Test

Trackman Combine is a standardized test that enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your game. Discover the clear correlation between your Trackman Combine test results and your success on the golf course.

The Trackman Combine test consists of hitting 60 shots to selected distances. Trackman scores each shot on a scale of 0-100 based on your accuracy. When completed you receive an online report containing:

  • An overall score and score for each target
  • A PDF report containing detailed results
  • Access to worldwide leaderboards at
  • All results and reports are stored on

Duration - 1 hour to allow for warm up and time to complete test

Find Your Distances

Select a club and hit five (5) shots. If you hit a poor shot simply delete it from the five. Trackman will precisely measure the carry distance for each shot and after the 5th shot, will provide an average carry distance for that club. Regardless of wind conditions etc., Trackman will calculate what the ball would have done in neutral conditions (80 degree temp, no wind, etc.). Choose the next club and repeat the process.

Duration- 1 hour to allow for warm up and time to hit all clubs.

Self Directed Session

Use the time you are on Trackman to hit shots at your own pace and use the technology to identify any number of areas regarding you ball striking.

Performance Coaching

This program is designed to accelerate player development for all skill levels and players that would like to invest in their game. Each member will be provided with a personalized prescription for game improvement. Armed with an excellence in instruction through knowledge, communication, and a passion for player improvement, William Smith Golf will deliver an experience that guarantees rapid and sustained success.

Members will have access to Trackman launch monitor swing and ball flight analysis, high speed video swing analysis, personalized videos via e-mail, equipment assessment, and all other necessary coaching services to guarantee improvement.

Initial Player Evaluation 2hrs- Discuss state of game and future goals, assessment of skills using high speed video, Trackman launch monitor, short game skills test, and equipment evaluation to identify areas of needed improvement.

Membership includes:

  • 2 hours of private instruction/month
  • High speed video swing analysis
  • Personalized video lessons via email
  • Supervised practice sessions each month with video
  • Trackman Combine test with online report containing detailed results
  • Trackman "Know your distances" with online report of results
  • Preferred pricing on club fitting and more!

*This program has a limited enrollment capacity.

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