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GPS Advertising


Harborside International Golf Center provides guests with 2 of the top 50 municipal courses in the country (Starboard #13 & Port #47), a 57 acre Practice Facility and our restaurant, The Pier at Harborside. Nearly 50,000 golfers enjoy Harborside on an annual basis. This unique environment gives you the opportunity to deliver your message in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.

Visage Golf Cart GPS is available on Harborside’s entire fleet of 160 golf carts. Each 10.4” HD touch screen monitor displays detailed hole images, precise yardage to the flag, 3D flyovers, as well as relevant course features and hazards. The system also includes real-time scoring, food and beverage ordering options, and a unique marketing opportunity.

GPS Advertising Overview
Your fullscreen advertisement can be configured to display when golfers arrive at a tee, go from the tee to the fairway, or on the approach to the green. Fullscreen ads will initially fill the entire screen and after 7 seconds the message, ‘Touch the screen to return to golf‘, will appear. Advertising exposure for entire hole is 12-15 minutes with an involved & engaged audience.

Golf Cart GPS Advertising Value

Enhances brand awareness to a unique demographic

48,000 players. Over 99% golfers use our carts

Two Full-Screen Billboard Ads each 18 hole round
Converts to One Signature Spot Insert Ad

Total Ad Exposure - 12 to 15 minutes

April 1 through October 31st

Please contact us regarding Golf Cart GPS Advertising opportunities by contacting Director of Marketing and Sales, Brian Jordan at 312-782-7837, ext. 239, or by emailing bjordan@kempersports.com.

We welcome all potential partnership opportunities and look forward to hearing from you soon!


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